Presale Questions

If you purchase or sign up for a “Lifetime” theme or membership, this means support and updates will last as long as you use the theme. It also includes the life of the theme, providing we continue supporting it.

If you have a theme that allows you to upgrade to the next level, you can. For example, if you have the Personal 1-year Theme, you can upgrade to the Personal Lifetime option. You can also upgrade to the All Access membership. All upgrades will be prorated (paying the difference of what you originally paid to that of what you are upgrading to.

For the most part, yes. We will do our best to keep our themes up-to-date and compatible as WordPress makes updates. However, we cannot guarantee this will always be the case when it involves third-party plugins.

For premium themes, yes. However, you must have an active license key to receive support. For free themes, support is not guaranteed, although we will do our best to provide support from the website. Look for our theme, visit the theme page and then click on the Visit the Support Forum button. Please note that premium theme customers will have priority.

We understand that things might not work out to your expectations, so we offer a 14-day full refund guarantee. If for any reason you are not happy within 14 days from your date of purchase, you can make a request for a refund.

Unless you have a “subscription” based membership, single theme purchases and the All Access membership does not automatically renew–we prefer you make that decision. We do recommend that you renew your theme or membership before it expires to maintain theme updates and support.

Theme Questions

We try our best to keep our themes compatible with any changes WordPress does. We usually tell people that our themes will work with WordPress version 4.7 and up. However, if you use the Gutenberg block editor, you will want to make sure you are on at least version 5.0. We also recommend that you keep your WordPress up-to-date to ensure any bug and security issues are fixed.

For anyone using ClassicPress, our themes should work, but we cannot guarantee this will always be the case. WordPress is continuously changing, as well, third-party plugins could also be an issue as they incorporate more Gutenberg block features. Because of this, we are working on developing standalone themes for ClassicPress, only.

If the theme was working prior to an error notice, most of the time it’s due to WordPress updating or a plugin that was just installed or updated. The most common way to pinpoint what caused the error, is to one-by-one disable your plugins. Each time you disable one, check if the error disappears. If it does, then the last plugin you disabled more likely was the problem source. However, we still request that you submit a support request describing the error. If it turns out to be our theme, we will fix it right away.

We try out best to make our themes work with most plugins. Unfortunately, we have no control what third-party plugin developers will do. When it comes to the more popular and premium-based plugins, you should be OK.

Quality is always going to have priority over mass producing themes. With that being said, we plan to release at least 12 more themes throughout 2023. This will include a premium version for every free version we release.

We’ve never been a fan of page builders because they produce horrible code and they generally “lock’ you into using them. This means that once you start using a page builder in your website, you are stuck using it for as long as you have your website. Granted, there are many people who prefer page builders, so to answer this question, you can use one if you wish–but not they are not required.

We understand that not everyone loves the block editor. Long story short, you do not have to use the block editor for our themes as they are compatible for both the Block and Classic editors.

Account Questions

If you encounter any problems when trying to log into your user account, try resetting your password. If you still cannot log in, please contact us and provide your account name, username, or email. If you see any error messages, please include that information.

For security and privacy reasons, we strongly advise against this. This can also be grounds for account termination.

You can renew your theme license before it expires at any point in time that works for you. You can also upgrade to the next level if one is available. To renew or upgrade, simply log into your account here at Rough Pixels and view your purchases.

When you install your theme and enter in your license key, this allows you to receive important theme updates and premium support. You also need to make sure that you keep your license key renewed and active until you decide to move on to a different theme.

Sometimes a customer might decide not to create a user account when purchasing their theme. If this is the case, and you need support, you can contact us to create an account for you.

If you discover that your theme license key shows it has expired before the full term has completed, this is an easy fix. Contact us with your purchase/receipt ID number, name, username, or the email that is associated with your account. Once we can confirm this, we can easily correct it.

Support Policy

You get support for free themes from Rough Pixels. Although this is not guaranteed and may take time before we can reply to your requests. Please note that premium theme customers will have priority. If you need support for a free theme, please visit the website where our themes are listed. Visit the theme that you are using and click on the View Support Forum button. Note: You will need a user account at

As long as your license key is active, you will receive important theme updates and premium support. We recommend you keep your license renewed to ensure support is there when you need it. As a side note, renewals have a 40% savings.

Support for our FREE themes is not guaranteed, but will usually have a reply within a couple of days. For premium theme support, responses will be within 24 hours and will always have priority.

Support will cover questions or problems relating to our themes. Support also covers any issues that you may experience with the Rough Pixels website. Unfortunately, it does not cover third-party plugins, services, customization requests, or modifications that were made to the theme.