Managing a website like Rough Pixels that helps provide amazing themes and premium-level support every day and every month requires a significant investment of time. This affiliate disclosure will provide some insight how this works.

We (as in myself) create and maintains a growing portfolio of free and premium themes, blog articles, tutorials, and more. Support is also a time-sensitive job to ensure everyone is looked after well.

So yes, we have to make money otherwise Rough Pixels would not last very long due to the costs of operating a website like this. This affiliate disclosure outlines two primary sources that fund the ongoing costs of Rough Pixels.


Over the years, I have created several premium WordPress themes to help you to create amazing websites. I’ve even created free themes to say thank you to the WordPress Community—including support!

When you purchase any of our premium WordPress Themes, it helps Rough Pixels to pay our bills and to continue updating, and to create more themes for everyone.

As a side note, I really appreciate everyone who uses and supports Rough Pixels. So, a big Thank you!

Affiliate Disclosure – Referral Links

This affiliate disclosure is primarily written to point out affiliate links as a source of income. When you buy products or services from companies that I personally recommend, links will contain an affiliate referral.

I only recommend products and services that I believe will add value to you. I am also a strong advocate of recommending only what I personally have or currently use. Any opinions I dish out are strictly my own and I do not accept payments for “positive” reviews. If there is something I don’t like, I won’t hide it.

Affiliate links are a form of monetization. The biggest brands on the internet offer affiliate programs such as the major WordPress plugin brands, hosting providers, and even names like Amazon, Theme Forest, etc. Many WordPress-focused blogs and theme sites will also offer affiliate programs (Rough Pixels has its own Affiliate Program) that help pay the bills.

The one big difference is that I will not recommend or insert affiliate links for a product or service that I have not personally used.

If you see a banner or link with an odd-looking URL, this will more likely be a recommended affiliate product or service. For example, you might see one like this:


Usually, people will ask questions about affiliate links on a website, like:

Will it Cost Me More Money? The answer is No.

Purchasing a product or service from a link does not increase your purchase price or affect your transaction differently.

There might even be offers that Rough Pixels will collaborate with another resource by way of a special discount for our users only. Generally, this discount would help save you money when you click on a referral link.

How Can You Help?

Sites like Rough Pixels require a LOT of time and cost investment to manage each month. Selling themes is not always a lucrative endeavor, so there will be periods when sales can be low to non-existent. Whether we have sales or not, Rough Pixels still has monthly operating expenses to pay.

This is why I would greatly appreciate your help. Below are a few ways you can help Rough Pixels to keep things going:

  • Purchase our premium WordPress themes.
  • If you’re using a theme from Rough Pixels and you are happy with it, then please leave a review on that theme page, or contact us with your review/rating.
  • If you are using a FREE theme, please give a rating on the website for our theme.
  • Spread the word by sharing our themes with your friends on Twitter, and Facebook.
  • Click on any of our affiliate links that I personally recommend. Should you decide to purchase and use that product or service, this helps Rough Pixels out.

How Do You Benefit?

If you’ve discovered that Rough Pixels has become a helpful and reliable resource, then I hope that you will continue supporting the website. Doing so, allows the site to stay up and running, but most importantly, continue to create amazing themes and provide premium support for you and everyone else.

Thank you for supporting Rough Pixels.

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