We respect your privacy and understand the importance of data security. On the other side, a software license store with an update service, require some information from you available online.

In order increase data security, we will anonymize not essentially needed personal data given in clear text, once you have completed your purchase.

What is the process?
Doing a purchase in our store requires you to provide us information about yourself in order to do product delivery and processing payment transactions.

We will monitor all pending transactions trough the system and once the product got delivered and the bills are paid, we will record plain information safely offline (for accounting, tax and legal records only) and store/show your online available personal information as hashes.
From that moment, personal contact information is no more stored online in plain text.

What is hashing?
Hashing for our purposes are unique checksums which anonymizes data fields.
These checksums can than be used to compare against build checksums with the same mechanism applied to the original information. Without providing the original information it is hard to get from a checksum back to its original information.
But, if you have questions or we need to authenticate your account, we can check our records on it by using your provided data on such request.

A full explanation can be found on the following external link from Wikipedia: