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Behind the Scenes of Our New Website reDesign – Rough Pixels v2

If you have been to Rough Pixels before, you probably noticed that we have a new website redesign. In the past times, I have made some design adjustments, however, there’s a lot that changed with this site version. I want to share the thought process behind this site’s redesign, what I’ve learned, what is new, […]

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Astra theme Review from my Perspective

First, I won’t stretch this personal review into 10,000 words, but keep this Astra theme review as short as possible. There is no doubt that the sheer number of WordPress themes that are available can be overwhelming. Finding the perfect blend of aesthetics, functionality, and user-friendliness is a pursuit that can be daunting for the […]

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WordPress Twenty Twenty-Four default theme

Damn! How time flies! It’s hard to believe but the new Twenty Twenty-Four WordPress theme is already in development. It’s not just for the sake of having a new default theme, it’s also planned for the next release of WordPress 6.24. It’s always interesting to explore each WP theme released: Twenty Twenty, Twenty Twenty-One, Twenty-Twenty-Two…etc. […]

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5 FREE WordPress Blog Themes to Consider

If you have a niche-based blog and looking for the best free WordPress themes to get things going, we have started a list of themes to try out. Plus, what makes this easy is that there are no shortages of free themes to choose from. In fact, there is an abundance of fantastic free WordPress […]

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How Much Should A WordPress Theme Actually Cost?

Around three years ago, I noticed that theme prices seemed to gravitate towards a common consensus with other shops. The idea was to go status quo with a slight tweak while keeping the average theme cost around $59 USD. Unfortunately, it’s not so simple to simply base your pricing on what you see elsewhere without […]

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Is the block editor really what people want?

Let’s get right down to the nitty-gritty about the block editor and the WordPress pursuance of Gutenberg. Unless you’ve been following the ongoing news and debates for the last couple of years, the controversies are quite the read. I’m sure that people who have kept WordPress up-to-date will already have discovered the block editor! Block […]

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Twenty Twenty Two WordPress Free theme – First Look is Here

Yes, Twenty Twenty Two will soon be added as a new theme for WordPress 5.9. Once again as the trend continues, WordPress 5.9 will have a brand new default theme that has become a sort of anticipation. It seems like we just talked about Twenty Twenty One! With the build-up to Full Site Editing (FSE) […]

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12 Most important things to do after installing WordPress

After installing WordPress, most of us often take it for granted that it’s easy for everyone. If you are new to WordPress, it can be a bit challenging to fully grasp how to begin. Luckily, there are many tutorials online to help you out, but I’ve decided to take you through some steps that I […]

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The Block Editor vs. Classic Editor Showdown

In February 2019, I introduced an alternative to the WordPress block editor, shedding light on a newer content management system (CMS) called ClassicPress. Launched on August 18, 2018, by Scott Bowler, ClassicPress is a fork of WordPress, meaning it utilizes WordPress’s source code. Fast forward almost three years and ClassicPress still feels like the new […]

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Twenty Twenty One is the new Free WordPress default theme

It feels like we were just introduced to the new Twenty Twenty default WordPress theme, but now Twenty Twenty One is coming! Time flies when you’re having fun, hey! This just adds yet another default theme to the growing portfolio that WordPress continues to create. Every year, we see a new incarnation of a default […]

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My Surprising Block Editor Review to better this Website

When WordPress released the Gutenberg editor, I will admit that I was not a big fan of it. There are still bad ratings and reviews about it. It’s fair to say that the new editor does have it’s fan-base. After the release of Gutenberg, I can attest that I wasn’t a fan, but here is […]

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A New Design Of The Free Twenty Twenty WordPress Theme

Just a while ago, I redesigned the Twenty Twenty theme, well, sort of, with a few of my own ideas tossed in. Of course, some credit has to go to Anders Norén, because 2020 originally came from his Chaplin theme. The WordPress team then took it further, at which point it became the default theme […]